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Changing Trajectories, Saving Lives

Pebble Creek Labs is committed to preparing students and serving teachers in educationally under-served settings. Partnering with schools of majority minority and low-income students, we create together a culture of achievement, success and possibility. Demography does not define destiny.

Results have been impressive and broad based, leading to positive changes in student achievement, graduation rates, attendance, discipline, attitudes and school culture.

Also significant is the effects on teacher quality and satisfaction, results directly attributable to increased student achievement and interest, the acquisition of a powerful instructional repertoire, more collaboration and teamwork. (See Voices)

Such results are particularly noteworthy given the mobility of students and staff often associated with schools we serve. School transience is often a byproduct of low-income challenges, however our experience is that greater student and teacher success is a strong variable in counteracting mobility.

Pebble Creek has a long track record of assisting and turning schools around. We choose to evaluate results from a broad base of indicators; though we also understand the significance of improved performance on high stakes tests.

Specific stories from schools:
  • Wyandotte High School, Kansas City, KS, moved from 64% Grade Nine students scoring “unsatisfactory” to 26% over a five-year period. (2001-2005 – Pebble Creek Literacy – Grade 9)
  • McClatchy High School, Sacramento, CA awarded California Distinguished School Status in spring of 2009. Identified Pebble Creek as its “signature practice” and principle factor in closing its achievement gap. (Pebble Creek Literacy – Grade 9-10, Pebble Creek Geography)
  • Travis High School, Austin, TX, after two years with Pebble Creek Literacy (Grade Nine) and Repertoire Development work with Social Science and Science departments, makes double digit gains in TAKS test scores in English, Social Studies and Science. (2008)
  • Emeryville Secondary School, Oakland, CA, two years into Pebble Creek Literacy work, has more students passing state High School Exit exam (administered in 10th Grade) than in the history of the test. (Pebble Creek Literacy – Grade 9-10, Pebble Creek Geography)
  • Lee High School, Houston, TX, serving a majority English Learning population, has five years of continual TAKS gain scores, using Pebble Creek Literacy in Grade Nine and Ten, in ELL classes, regular English classes, and AP English Classes. (2004-2008)
  • Luther Burbank High School, Sacramento, CA, traditionally one of northern California’s most challenged public high schools, engages in Pebble Creek Literacy, Geography and Leadership Development, exits Program Improvement status and passes AYP after four years on list (2004-2009).
  • Two Milwaukee High Schools, Pulaski and James Madison, after one year with Pebble Creek Literacy, increases student performance on state test for first time in several years (2008).