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Doing It Different. PDF E-mail
Monday, 19 April 2010 16:44

A well known saying of the Pebble Creek philosophy is "do it different" (grammatical error quite intentional so as to send the message of NOT following the "rules".)  Many in our field, though amazingly not ALL, will admit what we are currently doing in many cases, particularly in urban schools is NOT working.  We readily claim to want a fresh perspective, a new and better way of doing things... but how different is TOO different?  How far can we push the envelope before "different" ideas are deemed outrageous and irrational?  Sometimes our obsession with "research-based" ideas serve as a huge magnet right back to the status quo.

As a fan of people who think outside the box (and unfortunately, there aren't an over abundance of them in our field), I suggest educators read and consider some of the ideas of Marion Brady.

I have no REAL idea who this man is and I can't claim to know a lot about his philosophy but reading some of his latest writing recently published in the Washington Post caused me to sit up and take notice.  I'm not swearing by any of the ideas (but I did put my favorite in boldface).  I just admire his audacity to suggest them!

We Must Become The Change We Want To See PDF E-mail
Thursday, 15 April 2010 12:38

I wrote this poem a while ago but dug it out of the archives today.  I've grown weary of the "but these kids today" comments from parents and teachers.  And in some ways, this poem is my way of advocating for students.  Lord knows they are far from blameless, but they also don't deserve to be demonized because of our frustrations.  I'm certainly not deflecting my own culpability ... so I hope this just serves as a reminder to all of us: We Must BECOME the Change We Want to See.

*if you click the last line of the poem, you can hear me recite it ... with background music from the AWESOME India.Arie.*


Finish The Year Stong! PDF E-mail
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 20:21

Kelly J. Young delivers a "finish the year strong" speech in his trainings that would warrant passing the offering tray in the Baptist church I grew up in. LOL. Hopefully, many have both heard and remember it because we are at the time of year when our instructional time with this year's students is running out.  With that in mind, what can we (and they) do to make sure we optimize the time we have left?

Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher in Sacramento, California and the creator of an award winning website for educators, posed two questions to his students a few weeks ago and posted the responses publicly. The questions are:

What are three things you can do to help you finish the school year strong academically?

What is one thing you can do to help your classmates finish the year strong academically?

This is a great idea for so many reasons ... try it! Also, answer the first question yourself and post your answers too.

We'd love to read both you and your students' responses! Post them in the comments area below or in the sharing center.

Hang in there, remind yourself this is THEIR time and FINISH STRONG!

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