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Friday, 07 January 2011 09:28

Check out this very funny video sent to me by teacher Lara Hoekstra. On one level its hilarious, on another a little disturbing due to its accuracy.

It certainly invites discussion about why and how we arrived at such a state in our field.

I am certain there are a multitude of contributing factors, but I’d like to advance one that might not be as self-evident and certainly a little out of favor—the absence of developing or nurturing an “educational philosophy”.

There was a time in all young teachers’ training when educational philosophy was a staple of the curriculum. In the last twenty years it has fallen well out of favor, considered not practical or relevant.

I understand the criticism, but I wasn’t as aware of the power of an absent philosophy until the past few years. When an educator has no true personal educational philosophy, they have no rudder to guide their work, no grounded belief system to discriminate substance from schlock. If packaged well, anything sounds good. Hence, the revolving door of staff development initiatives and the sadly cynical but probably deserving ubiquitous teacher line, “this too will pass.”

So, it’s no wonder we get "leaders" like those in this video. Sheep, and school reform…




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