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Saturday, 18 December 2010 18:49

I appreciated Dana’s post about Pebble Creek’s primary vocabulary strategy, Word Splash.

We all desire an expanding vocabulary for our students; yet, as with many literacy skills, we confuse teaching vocabulary with assessing and testing it. Research suggests that wide and active reading is the most powerful vocabulary development method, however we don’t fully trust that either. In addition, we know instinctively that traditional methods do not work, but maintain them (with little tweaks) in the name of something being better than nothing.

What we find different and appealing about the Word Splash is its practicality in expanding vocabulary while fostering in students an enjoyment around word acquisition.

The words chosen are posted, piquing student curiosity while announcing the major concepts and high-frequency words of an upcoming unit. Its visibility promotes daily, on-demand use for reading, writing and conversation. Key to the Word Splash is the associated images with the words, as well as the expanding and evolutionary nature of the display. The Word Splash “morphs” from a simple display of words to a lively mural of interesting language.


As with so many of the Pebble Creek strategies, it is the simplicity and elasticity of the strategy that gives it its power.

See below some classroom photos of Word Splashes. Note how the display changes.




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