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Senate Passes Edujobs Bill PDF E-mail
Thursday, 05 August 2010 17:35

The Senate passed the Edujobs Bill today.  Here is the good news:

The bill is explicit that the money would have to be used for salaries, benefits, and support services for school staff. Districts also could use it to recall or rehire former staff members, or to bring on new employees for K-12 schools and early childhood programs.

Here is the not so good news:

The Senate bill, approved 61-39 today, is fully offset, meaning that the $10 billion price tag is covered by cuts to other programs. Some of those cuts are to education programs, including $50 million from the Striving Readers program, which helps finance adolescent literacy efforts, and more than $10 million from Ready to Teach, which finances telecommunications programs for teachers. It also includes an $82 million cut to student financial aid administration programs.

Click here for the full article if you want more information.



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