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We offer curriculum that respects student interests and sensibilities. Students find it relevant and compelling. Resources are rich, varied and demanding. The curriculum is unit-based, and draws on a wide-variety of inviting and challenging text.

The curriculum embeds a repertoire of powerful instructional strategies. Thus, learning through the units enhance student literacy and thinking and provides students with learning strategies they can use in all subjects and settings.

Teaching the curriculum becomes a staff development process for teachers as well. There is no better way to learn new instructional strategies and obtain a powerful teaching repertoire than through daily practice and reflection.

The curriculum is not however, designed as an “off the shelf” package of materials, but rather powerful resources that require on-going learning and staff development.

Presently, yearlong curriculum has been designed for English 9, English 10, and Geography.

Click here to see a sample lesson from the curriculum
(Las Vegas - Grade 10 - Activity 8)